Friday, 8 April 2011

Keeping Up To Date On The Cheap!

Is it just me or is H&M amazing right now? Even though with their recent financial troubles with the rising costs of cotton, their S/S collection hits all the trends of the moment! Today when browsing inside the store their free magazine was available to pick up, the thing that I love most is putting small stars next to looks that I love and create a whole new wish list...again. Im loving the suede shorts with a grey jumper look in the H&M magazine even though its so hot in Milan right now i'm sure once I get back to England for Easter I could wear this combination. I also came across Velvet magazine which is full of information about art, fashion, beauty and interiors for only €2.50! However you need to speak Italian for you to read it..sorry! Their editorials are really creative and each one is very different from the other  I will definitely be buying it again next month!

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