Tuesday, 18 January 2011

DSquared Catwalk show A/W 11-12

Picture this.....
'Early American settlers, sunday school rebels, cool cold mountains, grunge workers and black creek bikers...... Caught in a landslide, cold wind fight back, layer it up! Carbon coal shearling, melton blanket coats. Tumbled suits and rumpled shirts, beat up boots! Reassembled work wear, aprons become vests paired with harness leather and suspenders....... Coat over coat, wrap it, belt it, Just wear it! Dig for Gold...' 
Well if the press release didn't get your excitement up just take a look at the setting!!! Snow falling over a settlers camp with models just hanging out in the cold. The collection was all about wrapping up with accessories from big cowboy hats, scarfs and glasses to keep out the bitter wind! With dirty jeans and jackets paired with crumpled shirts all held together with braces. It was definitely a very grungy look with a tailored twist. I was so lucky to be able to sit on 5th row as seats became available. Me and my friends had the best time and the whole experience of the show was overwhelming with the set and the fantastic music they played! I made a short video of the finale and the beginning so you can enjoy it as well!

The Press release

The finale as the designers greet the audience

Monday, 17 January 2011

Dirk Bikkemberg A/W 11-12 Backstage

This morning I was all excited to be a dresser for Bikkembergs show, the call time was 8:15 so I was up early!! When I finally managed to work out how to get in these army barracks for the show, I have to say I was bitterly disappointed with the model talent and also the collection. For A/W Bikkemberg decided to have coloured heavy knits (staple for winter) double breasted coats and 3/4 leggings........in the middle of winter having bare legs with a massive heavy coat to me looks ridiculous. Anyway the choice of models was average big muscle men with a mediocre collection the look lacked personality.  Every look seemed the same but with different punches of colour of orange and lime green mixed with black and greys. Oh well better luck next time with the women's shows in February!

My model Claudio from Brazil

Claudio's outfits consisted of short leggings and a giant grey knit and second look of grey trousers and coat boots and an orange top.....to be really mean I don't know why they even showed this collection...sorry!

Mr. Bikkemberg himself

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Vivienne Westwood A/W 11-12 Backstage

Just got back from the Vivienne Westwood show, I had the amazing job of dressing the models with the new collection......have to say the best experience of my life! At first everything was sooo tranquil and nice till the press arrived I could barely get to my model to dress him! The collection theme was all about the British look and beauty, It was about finding your perfect groom as the Royal wedding is coming up this Spring! With a fresh face and a purple tint on the lips the models were rocking the looks. I was lucky enough to get quite an easy change of clothes for my model as everyone else had to deal with buttons, zippers etc. (We all know what Vivienne Westwood is about in detailing) The collection looked great and inspirational can't wait to see this style on the street in A/W.....

Everything all organised before the chaos

Vivienne Westwood being interviewed

Millions of accessories from cow boy hats to man bags

My Model Leebo!
Leebo's second outfit which were light wash denim jeans, with a grey print t-shirt and a chunky gold necklace with a light wash denim jacket, and not forgetting his Giraffe print shoes!

Getting ready for first practice run through wearing only the shoes
Chaos of changing the models quickly!
Leebo, who is going for a shoot in Paris for an editorial for L'Officiel magazine, watch out for him!
Getting ready for the show to start first outfits

Friday, 14 January 2011

Lets go to the Sea Side.....

The Spring Summer 2011 collections have officially arrived in the shops, with a wide variety of styles and trends the 70s seems to be the biggest one. This shoot by Kim Oliver for Bullet Mag.net shows the youthfulness of what spring is all about. With 70s style showing through, pastel colours are also making a come back this year. One small trend that I have began to notice is small friendship bracelets made out of string seem to be the accessory this summer. Shops such as Topshop and H&M already on this trend I bought a small cute string bracelet from H&M  for a little over 3 euros today, which looks like the Chakra bracelets that all the celebrities are wearing at the moment! 

(Chakra Bracelet by Daisy Jewellery £75)

Thursday, 13 January 2011


I really like these images by Julia Galdo. There is something captivating about these photographs, maybe it's because of how simplistic the image is but styled amazingly retro making them really charming to look at. With a hint of quirkiness these series of portraits are one of my favourites so far.