Sunday, 25 September 2011

Blumarine's Cuban 60s Holiday

So on Friday I was lucky enough to be given a ticket from work to go and see the Blumarine SS12 show. Apart from the stressful taxi journey to Corso Venezia as everybody was stuck in a traffic jam and it was getting closer and closer to the shows start time of 4pm, I decided to do the best thing as a good intern.... leave the taxi and run!(Devil wears Prada moment)Finally arriving and barely breathing I managed to get in after battling people without a ticket (Felt a little smug not going to lie) I was placed on the fourth row at the beginning of the seating area. I was in such a great spot as I was right in front of the end of the catwalk. However little later before the show started we were told to move down rows so I actually ended up on the second so even closer! So what was the collection like? Bright, brash and sparkly. With a big 60s statement in the mini dresses, big flower accessories and shoes and also the bold prints. It was fun and a very young look it reminded me of a 60s resort holiday in Cuba with the samba music playing during the show. All in all the collection was great a few items really hard to wear as shown in the photos... If you do not have a model body then don't (sigh..) Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Wow Very beautiful pictures of models.I like the dresses of models. Keep it up.
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