Saturday, 11 December 2010

Where art thou Romeo?

Last week my good friend Jose Maria invited me to go with him and his class mates to Verona for a day trip! Verona is such an enchanting small city which has stood still in time as the whole of the city centre is pedestrianised. The story of Romeo and Juliet was born here, and what I didn't realise is that this story was actually real!! I hope it isn't just me who thought this otherwise that would be embarrassing...... We explored Juliet's house which was gorgeous with the infamous balcony with queues of people waiting to have their picture taken (me being one of them) We then went on to explore the rest of the city and finally finish at Juliet's tomb.... (Love the way the radio is playing Taylor Swifts 'Love Story' song whilst i'm writing this!)

Juliet's house with a statue of her under the fig tree...

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