Tuesday, 18 January 2011

DSquared Catwalk show A/W 11-12

Picture this.....
'Early American settlers, sunday school rebels, cool cold mountains, grunge workers and black creek bikers...... Caught in a landslide, cold wind fight back, layer it up! Carbon coal shearling, melton blanket coats. Tumbled suits and rumpled shirts, beat up boots! Reassembled work wear, aprons become vests paired with harness leather and suspenders....... Coat over coat, wrap it, belt it, Just wear it! Dig for Gold...' 
Well if the press release didn't get your excitement up just take a look at the setting!!! Snow falling over a settlers camp with models just hanging out in the cold. The collection was all about wrapping up with accessories from big cowboy hats, scarfs and glasses to keep out the bitter wind! With dirty jeans and jackets paired with crumpled shirts all held together with braces. It was definitely a very grungy look with a tailored twist. I was so lucky to be able to sit on 5th row as seats became available. Me and my friends had the best time and the whole experience of the show was overwhelming with the set and the fantastic music they played! I made a short video of the finale and the beginning so you can enjoy it as well!

The Press release

The finale as the designers greet the audience

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