Monday, 28 February 2011

Aquilano.Rimondi Backstage A/W 11-12

I was a dresser for Aquilano.Rimondi show backstage. The call time was 6pm but we all had to wait outside for over an hour in the rain as they were really behind schedule! When we finally got in the venue was at Palazzo Clerici in Milan and the rooms were beautiful with renaissance decorations. However it wasn't a great venue when you think about space you could barely breath let alone move! The staff were extremely stressy and wouldnt allow us to take any images but i managed to smuggle a few. The collection was beautiful with intricate detailing and beading with crystals. Alexandra Shulman the Editor of Vogue UK made an appearance which was amazing! My model was called Sara she was lovely and came from Switzerland I only had one outfit with her. Here are a few images I managed to take without being shouted at! 


My model Sara that I dressed. The coat was beautiful made with really high quality materials and the gloves are really cute. The down side was her shoes literally impossible to get on took me 10 min to zip up each shoe! But the total look was fabulous and so was the rest of the show!

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  1. hello
    thank you for coming our blog!

    wow ur model looks so nice
    and I love the shoes!
    It seems to be hard to get on though
    as you wrote..

    btw Im studying Italian and
    Im gonna go to Siena from this summer for 1yr!
    Im really interested in Milan and its fashion
    so would like to go there too.